Gearbox Selection

Drive-All Multi-Speed Gearboxes are “Made in America” and are built to last.  They are a mechanical device and do have a life expectancy.  This life expectancy is most impacted by poor general maintenance, excessive overhung load (sideways pressure on input or output shaft), and overloading the gearbox.  This section of the web-site is designed to help you choose the best gearbox for the intended application.  After completing the steps below if you are not confident in your selection either visit our website or contact one of our Sales Representatives at: 800-689-3400


Step One:  Driver

What is the horsepower of the application driver?

  • Listed on data plate of the driver


Step Two:  Driver Service Factor

What type of driver are you operating?

  • Choose from the drop down menu for type of driver.


Step Three:  Load Service Factor

What type of load is being driven and how many hours does it operate daily?

  • Choose from the drop down menu for the type of load. (This is a rather long list so please review list for best fit)


Step Four:  Hours of Operation

  • Choose from the drop down menu the daily hours of operation.


Step Five:  Choosing a Drive-All Gearbox

Which gearbox fits my application?

  • Hit the Calculate Button and the Catalog Horsepower to fit your application will be provided.
  • Review the Upright Profile, Low Profile, and High Torque sections to match the calculated catalog horsepower to the correct unit.


Overhung Load = this condition is created when perpendicular pressure/tension is applied to the input/output shaft of the gearbox.  Excessive Overhung Load will reduce the Design capabilities of the gearbox and can severely shorten its life expectancy.


What is the input horsepower?
What type of driver?
What is the type of the Load?
Daily Hours of Operation?
Your Catalog Horsepower is:
Catalog Horsepower Calculator