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Drive-All Multi-Speed Gearboxes are shipped without oil. Please do not operate this or any Drive-All gearbox without the correct oil at the proper level. Operating a Drive-All gearbox without the proper lubrication will void the warranty and could cause severe damage to gearbox components.

Mobil Gear 600XP68 or equivalent is the recommended lubricant.

Filling a Drive-All Gearbox:

  • Verify that plug(s) located at the bottom of the unit are tight
  • Remove plug on top of unit
  • Remove the “Oil Level” plug
  • Add Mobil Gear 600XP68 or equivalent through the hole in top
  • Stop filling when oil level reaches the “Oil Level” hole
  • Replace both plugs

Changing the oil:

  • Remove the drain plug located at the bottom of the unit
  • Once all oil has drained replace the drain plug
  • Follow the Filling instructions

Oil Change Frequency:

  • It is recommended that the oil be changed after the first 100 hours and every 1000 hours thereafter
  • Oil changes should be completed more frequently if the unit is operated in unusual temperatures or at intermittent high loads


This is a manually shifted gearbox. In order to change gears the unit must come to a complete stop. DO NOT shift this unit while shafts are rotating. Failure to stop the unit prior to shifting will void the warranty and could cause severe damage to gearbox components.

The input shaft may have to be moved slightly to align gears in order to shift.


When placing a Drive-All gearbox in storage we recommend completing the following list of actions to preserve the integrity of the internal components and extend the life of the unit.

  • Fill gearbox with the proper lubricant by completing the filling instructions detailed above
  • Operate the gearbox for one hour in order to distribute lubricant to all internal components
  • DO NOT drain the oil. It is imperative that the unit be stored with oil
  • Grease the output and input shafts to prevent rusting
  • Store in cool, dry, well ventilated area
  • Prior to placing unit back into operation, it is recommended that you change the oil in order to minimize moisture content

Failure to follow these storage instructions may void the warranty and diminish the life expectancy of the gearbox.

Replacement Parts:

By completing the proper maintenance a Drive-All gearbox will provide years of dependable service. At some point, like all things mechanical, parts will wear out. Drive-All has replacement parts and rebuild kits available for most of our units. Listed below are links to gearbox exploded views for each standard model and the corresponding parts list. These files are downloadable and printable for future reference. 

U0100STD F0200STD
U0200STD F0500STD
U0200-1391 F0500HD
U0200-2385 F0800STD
U0500STD F1000STD
U0500-0396 F1050STD

Drive-All Multi-Speed Gearboxes are American made with the highest quality materials and manufacturing practices. If maintained properly they will provide years of dependable, consistent power transmission. If you have any questions regarded the maintenance of a Drive-All Multi-Speed Gearbox please contact one of our Sales Engineers at or call us at 800-689-3400. Thank you for choosing Drive-All as your Multi-Speed Gearbox provider.

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